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CloudLinux and Lightweight Virtual Environment Technology

After trying CloudLinux, it never hurts when I try to share information on this issue, although can not be implemented by all parties at least there are insights to be gained from the development of information technology, especially Linux:)

CloudLinux is an operating system (OS) commercially supported and enabled to be exchanged with the distribution-base RPM (Redhat Package Manager), the most popular. CloudLinux apply Lightweight Virtual Environment Technology (LVE) is a technology that increases the density of server isolation, stability and reliability. LVE limit the amount of resources (CPU, I / O and memory) are available for a particular process or customer / user.

CloudLinux is devoted to the webhosting service providers to provide features that are highly coveted by web hosting providers. CloudLinux very light and transparent, LVE will wrap account is on shared hosting and give control to the hosting provider for CPU resources.

Some things you can do LVE including:

  • Provide hosting provider control over the CPU resources (I / O and memory limits will be released)
  • Prevent an account that uses excessive server resources and burden the server performance
  • Protect your server from the unexpected problems that drain resources
  • Increase the density so you can have more hosting accounts on one server
  • Identify the account that excessive use of resources so that you can address their needs
  • Reduce risk and improve efficiency on a shared server
  • Improve server performance

CloudLinux designed to surpass the standard OS

Standard OS

  • Some web sites per server
  • Each web site can drain resources for various reasons
  • a single site can overload servers
  • There is no additional security or protection from hackers or script that drain resources
  • Improving the efficiency of servers and lowering risk


  • Resource wrapped through LVE Technology
  • LVE websites prevent individuals from using too much resources
  • Technology LVE provides better security and protect the server from the issues that deplete resources
    for other tenants
  • Single website cannot overload the server
  • Allows you to maximize the many sites on one server
  • Reduce risk, improve efficiency and increase server performance
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