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The Hacker Forum was Hijacked

An online forum is closed which is a gathering place as known cyber criminals in Russia has been hacked and the whole database had been leaked.

Site named MAZA.Ia been hijacked on 18 February by a forum named Direct Connection to their competitors. Similarly, as quoted from Softpedia, Tuesday (01/03/2011).

Direct Connection is the place of CyberLords Team, a team of hackers from Eugene Anikin (27), one of the perpetrators of fraud who managed to steal the money of USD10 million from RBS WorldPay.

Anikin recently received a five-year prison sentence in Russia because of his involvement in crimes in RBS.

MAZA.Ia has several prominent members such as Vladislav Horohorin (BadB), founder of the marketplace CarderPlanet.

Horohorin arrested last year in France when he was wanted towards Moscow. The FBI tried to extradite him to the U.S. so he could get the charges of fraud and forgery of identity.

Creator malware and spam from Peter Levashov Russia (Severa) also is a member MAZA.Ia forum, which is also still in search of the U.S. side.

Overall, MAZA.Ia has more than 2 thousand members whose information is now in the hands of law enforcement.

MAZA.Ia site was offline immediately after in-hack. Not yet clear when the site will be online again.

It was reported that the RSA Anti-Money Laundering Alliance and the International Information Systems Forensics Association (IISFA) have access to open databases MAZA.Ia site

Discussions at the forum MAZA.Ia stuck around the falsification of documents, exchange online casino and account for the lottery, and methods of money laundering.

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