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How Adding RAM by using hard disk

Actually the title above is not necessarily true. Because the functions of RAM and hard drive function (HDD) is much different. But if we want an eye to functionality and performance of the RAM and HDD, so there are similarities, i.e. both the storage (memory), although the RAM is temporary memory, while the HDD is semi-permanent.

Performance PC that its limited RAM feels so slow Pc. Please re-read The function of RAM in computer. There is a little old-fashioned trick for the function of RAM is not depleted, that is by diverting the “memory” RAM to the hard drive.

The trend term is increase Page File. Immediately wrote us begin, and please you follow tutorial below:

  1. Right click my computer, then click properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab. It will appear a window like this:
  3. Then Click the Tab visual effects.
  4. Click Advanced, as shown below. Then click Change the virtual memory sub-menu.
  5. The final part, is to choose c drive as drive targets (pictures of children
    arrows), and fill rate on custom column size as shown below.
  6. Click Set to save your virtual memory settings and the last click OK to finish all the process of adding the page file.


In the Initial Size = fill twice the RAM installed on your PC. So if installed RAM is 256 MB, then fill 512 MB (the higher the better really, but remember the consumption of HD on drive C not to limit)

In the Maximum Page = fill doubled initial Size.


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