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Age Steve Jobs Remaining 6 Week Again

CEO and founder of Apple Steve Jobs reportedly lying in critical condition, because it encroached on by pancreatic cancer disease he suffered back. In fact, reportedly, Jobs aged only six weeks away.

National Enquirer Magazine Jobs revealed the latest images that look weak with a very thin body. Visible also, weights Jobs also dropped dramatically. Previously, it Jobs stated on leave because of health problems. Although not mentioned on leave due to pancreatic cancer, but some rumors say long disease recurrence Jobs.

Meanwhile, Jobs has not released the last photograph in the virtual world that had not affected the price of Apple stock. Prior to jobs dropped from 79 ill pounds, to 58 pounds. Jobs also looks more and more hair is thin and exhausted, these are signs he was doing chemotherapy to treat cancer.

But as is known, Jobs loved his work at Apple. Even when sick was he still had time to think about the job and his company.

“I really love Apple and hope to return as soon as possible,” said Jobs, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (17/02/2011).

Meanwhile, one of the doctors who merawt Jobs, Samuel Jacobson said Jobs near the end of life. “I said he has six weeks,” said Jacobson.

“He also has seemed to lose muscle mass on his body, which showed his condition continued to fall,” he said.

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