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What's the Benefit Internet Explorer 9

I honestly, I’m not using Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Firefox is my browser this time. Why? Because Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is only improves the speed a little but not for others such as security issues surfing. I once wrote that if you want to use the Firefox browser safest and fastest browser if you want to use Chrome or Opera update.

In contrast, IE always felt slow and awkward, like a Web page must take a detour through various processes before it arrives in your browser. IE8 is actually in Windows 7 has made great improvements in page loading time. IE team at Microsoft seems to want to continue the trend with Internet Explorer 9, which is now available for public preview.

It seems IE9 was released by the developers already have the speed improvement. It can be installed as separate applications on your system. Most of the changes currently in IE9 are just speed. IE9 uses hardware acceleration to speed up the performance of HTML5, a new version of the lingua franca of the Internet that allows developers to build Flash-like applications in the browser.

The team also re-releasing IE JavaScript engines that run natively in the browser, instead of walking in the complex scripting architecture that supports various scripting languages. Unfortunately, even this performance improvement may not be enough. According to my observations IE9 released by Microsoft back in March, its performance is still behind Firefox and Chrome.

If you are looking for end users and new features, nothing here for you (not yet available). Leaked version of the browser full IE9 just give a little of what is expected of new features including a download manager, imitating Chrome Start-tab, and add-on better management. This section is where improvement is needed, but not enough to attract my attention and stayed away from the Chrome and Firefox.

It was like IE9 not intended for end users PC at all, but is devoted to rapid application HTML5 in Windows 7 PC tablet. Unless the IE team introduced several new features but otherwise it seems that the best web browser for Windows 7 will continue to be used from outside Microsoft.

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  • rick April 8, 2011, 1:51 pm

    Your english sucks (no offence). I had a hard time reading your review.

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