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DooPHP Framework Overview

For web developers, particularly web-based application developer (web-based application), the framework is a mandatory tool controlled and used. The same thing applies in the academic environment of science, for students with concentration / web competence, the framework is a tool that must be mastered first.

This time, I will review some of the latest web framework named DooPHP Framework was released from July 2009. Framework DooPHP address at www.doophp.com and built by Leng Sheng Hong, Malaysia. In accordance with its slogan, the Fastest MVC based PHP framework, this framework presents the main features of the speed of access and support interesting view supported by AJAX JQuery. Moreover, the framework that is currently released in version 1.2 is already support the Indonesian language.

Although new, this framework has many advantages that need to be considered by the developers of a new web developer will primarily determine the choice of tools in building web applications. The main features offered DooPHP framework include:

  1. MVC structure, standardization in the web framework.
  2. URI Routing, a type of Clean URLs, related to SEO.
  3. Authorization supports authentication via an ACL (Access Control List), which is very easy to use.
  4. Database Replication, support the replication database.
  5. Data Cache, support: disk cache, APC, memcache, XCache and eAccelerator.
  6. Frontend cache, increase the speed of access to a page, support full page or partial page.
  7. Code Generation, automatically generate the necessary code.
  8. I18n Internationalization, supported template engine and the flexible controller.
  9. Ease of use, easy to use and easy to configure.
  10. Performance wise, using the technical input to speed up loading / access page.
  11. Centralized Configuration, centralized configuration.
  12. RESTful API, support for web services such as links to twitter and facebook.
  13. Database ORM Tool
  14. Friendly Ajax, JQuery support to beautify the appearance.
  15. Another interesting feature.

Hopefully with the presentation of this framework DooPHP glance, can be a reference for web developers to use the powerful tools to produce applications that are more optimal and reliable as well. To see more of DooPHP Framework, please visit the official website. Congratulations go into the framework.

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