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AdLabs, Advertising Effectiveness Measurement of Yahoo

In order to generate innovation in online advertising, Yahoo has launched AdLabs, a service to measure the success of advertising campaigns.

AdLabs will assist the development of innovation in digital advertising by applying metrics, scientific research and data analysis of Yahoo’s ad campaign. In the end this will help the analyst understand more how to create a successful online advertising campaign.

Yahoo spokesperson explained that the Santa Clara-based company is hoping to meet the needs of marketers how to implement an effective advertising campaign.

“A successful advertising campaign can change the perception of a brand and increase sales. Marketers need new methods that have been proven to encourage this important measure,” he said as quoted NetImperative, Wednesday (09/02/2011).

“Yahoo has a scale to measure the effects of various advertising and experts to produce new models and innovations that can advance the digital advertising industry,” he said.

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