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Tips for Caring, Maintaining External Hardisk, FlashDisk, or Hardisk For Long-lasting

Q: If the flash is not allowed to run plug, if the external HDD, is it okay?
A: What is clear to an external HDD should be plugged if used alone, because the controller does not support the average spin-down, so if mounted on, he’s going to play full speed continuously, which in turn will shorten the life
Q: if my flash is not allowed to edit or make files in the flash, must be copied to the hard drive first. If an external HDD is it okay?

A: If an external hard drive is the same as regular hard drives, which distinguishes might just speed the transfer, if it uses an external usb port so if run directly through a portable HDD, maybe a little bit crashed. My friend said,
flash memory because it has limits how often it can write, so if want to edit-edit the file, the copy first to the HDD if want durable. if the same external HDD like a normal HDD and have more big write cycles from UFD (USB Flash Disk) so not a problem want to edit directly on external HDD

Q: If an external HDD is it okay to watch movies or play games with a long time?

A: Yes May-okay but do not get overheated hard drive aka overheating, keep the important thing is not too often to shake just do not think … Continue slammed or dropped, because it can be destructive. WARNING: DO NOT shake-shake WHEN HD plugged in! GUARANTEED WILL QUICKLY BROKEN. For those who have a hard drive packs or purses, get used to when using that remove it from the pack because the pack / wallet inhibiting the release of heat

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