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[Tips] Print Document Error In Queue

Sharing tips a little… This solution is actually long but I found only this time kepikirian to share, maybe my friends there who knows… Certainly there who do not know… so I share with you all, create.

Overcoming print Queue Error

Friends may never find a problem with a printer like this:

Documents cannot delete or cancel.

It’s their ways to overcome them:

1. Stop spooler by:

Click Start -> Run type: Services. msc

2. Find Print Spooler service by name.

Right-click Print Spooler and click Stop.

3. Delete spool files.

Open Windows Explorer (can be a way open My Computer or Windows button + E on your keyboard).

Go to C: WINDOWS system32 spool Printers .

Delete all files in that folder.

Note: If the spooler is running correctly, the folder should be empty if the printer is not on the run. Deleting files that are stuck can free up spooler and can resume normal operation.

4. Restart the spooler service.

Right-click on the print Spooler and click start earlier.

Hopefully useful.

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