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Comodo firewall is already famous for its very powerful… I also use Comodo output browsers that use chrome engine, named Dragon
After I browse the site, it turns out Comodo provides also other software that also the status of “free” for use, were really free

Internet Security
Suite of cutting edge security Including Antivirus, Firewall, malware prevention and more.

Comodo Antivirus
Detect and destroy existing malware, viruses, worms, and other unwanted invaders PC.

Comodo Firewall
Default Deny Protection ™ slams the door shut on all threats to your PC’s health.

Comodo SecureEmail
Protect, encrypt, and digitally sign your email private with SecureEmail.

Secure Messaging
Protect and encrypt your instant messages with EasyVPN’s secure chat.

Anti Malware
Comodo BOClean monitors your PC’s memory to detect and destroy invading malware.

Stop spam and JunkMail from reaching your inbox without blocking any Important mail.

Verification Engine
Use Verification Engine to Quickly identify phony websites Trying to steal your information.

Comodo BackUp
Use Comodo Backup to Avoid the devastating possibility of loss of data and documents on your PC.

Comodo Disk Encryption
Encrypt all the private data stored on your PC to hide it from invaders and Thieves.

Free Email Certificate
Email certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign messages before sending.

Comodo Dragon
Fast and versatile browser based on Chromium, infused with Comodo’s unparalleled level of security!

Review for Dragon:

This browser google chrome-like appearance, because his engine use chromium. In terms of security, the browser really is very protective of the sites certificate not clear, even facebook was considered dangerous, because he’s just ssl registered in the name of the site only, not individuals. In terms of performance, the same like google chrome.
Shortcomings, this browser does not support extensions like google chrome. In addition, thought he can use google chrome theme, but the results is not perfect, because several different interface of google chrome.

for sources: http://www.comodo.com/home/free/free-protection.php

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