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Improve and Accelerate the Performance of Windows 7 without Software

Improve and accelerate the performance of Windows 7 without software

1. Turn off effects that are not important, setting the best performance

This visual effect is to increase the beauty of the display, both at se7en and xp. But this will also affect computer performance. If the visual effects turned off, then the performance of computers will increase rapidly.
To disable the visual effects was the way he is: Right click on the [computer]> click [Properties]> click [Advanced system settings]> on the performances click the [setting] so that the Performance Options window appears. Click [Adjust for best performance (if I prefer to eliminate all of the check, except in the bottom two options, I check. Then select [OK])

2. optimizing your hard disk

it means that your hard disk (especially the drive C) if the remaining available space will certainly make a little slow windows performance. Usually that causes reduced capacity of the hard disk is a system restore point. Any changes to the windows usually will make a system restore point. The more a system restore point is made then the hard disk capacity will be reduced. Since system restore is also useful someday windows errors, then we still use. Well let me not always remove the restore point that was too long, should we set the capacity of the hard disk to be used as a restore point. do the following:
Right-click [Computer]> select [Properties]> click [System protection] click on the [Configure] and set the capacity to be used. Do not be too large, according to me; 5-10% of the rest of the remaining hard disk capacity is sufficient. Click [OK]

3. Turn off / disable fitur2 are rarely used

In Winse7en is a lot of features to enhance your particular fitur2 display. If this feature is enabled, it will consume a lot of space in the vga and memory, so that computer performance is slow?
* Disable right click aero themes [desktop] [personalized]> select windows 7 basic. close window personalize
* Disable aero peek right click on the [taskbar]> [Properties]> remove the check mark on “use aero peek to preview desktop”
* Disable AeroShake> Click the [start] and then type “gpedit.msc” without quotes, then enter. > Go to [user configuration]> [administrative templates]> [desktop]. In the right pane double click “turn off aero shake windows minimizing mouse gestures”> select [enable]. And click OK.
* Disable aero snap> Entry [control panel] click [ease of acces]> click [b] [ease of acces center]> click [make the mouse Easier to use] put checks on “Prevent windows from being automatically Arranged Pls to the edge of the screen “. Click [OK]

4. Do defragment your hard disk at least once a month

click [start]> [all program]> [accesories]> [System Tools]> [disk defragmenter]. Choose one drive and then click [Defragment]

5. Turn off unnecessary applications run at startup

click [start] type “msconfig” press [enter]> click on the tab [startup]> remove the check in applications that do not need to run at startup. click [OK]

6. Disable unneeded services

[Start]> type “services” without the quotes> press [enter]. Right-click on any services that would be disabled and then click [Properties]. Click [Disable] if we want the service do not always run at the windows lighted, or click [Stop] to turn it off. Click [OK]

7. No need to install the gadget on your desktop

[Start]> [programs]> [turn windows features on or off]. Remove the check on “Windows gadget platform.” > Click [OK]

8. Using all the cores to boot.

Computer processor with many cores should use all the cores on windows boot. To arrange for all the cores used when the windows boot can be done by
* Log system configuration, click> [b] [start] and then type “msconfig” [enter]
* Click the [boot]> select [operating system Windows 7]
* Click the button [advanced options] so that the dialog box appears advanced boot options. Check the boxes [Number of processor] and then select the number of processors

9. Because you often use the internet, make your browser with a few addons

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