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Shown Brave, Curve 3G Get Prizes OS BlackBerry 6

BlackBerry Curve 3G tried to appear brave and brought the color a bit out of the patron for the BlackBerry that is synonymous with black. Users also can already feel the experience of the blackberry Curve OS 6 in 3G.

Yes, Research In Motion (RIM) has provided upgraded the blackberry operating system 6 for users of BlackBerry Curve 9300 was named official in Indonesia.

“BlackBerry operating system 6 can enhance the experience of surfing the web, search features, social feeds and experiences involving the use of multimedia,” RIM said in his statement on Tuesday (01/02/2011).

How to upgrade them, their smartphone users to stay connected to your PC and access http://id.blackberry.com/devices/blackberrycurve3G/ to download the latest version of the OS.

As for the choice of new colors in the Curve 3G look more striking. I.e., with a choice of colors Bright Chrome, Pink, Royal Purple, Ruby Red, and Blue Shadow.

Users are free to choose according to their personality, certainly without reducing the features in it and aspects of the functionality of the device itself.

Curve is a 3G smartphone that operates on the fast track is accompanied with 3G and Wi-Fi access. This device is still relying on the conventional model BlackBerry that is with a full qwerty keyboard and an optical track pad for navigation.

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