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4 Problem solved Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate, the OS that I use within the past 6 months..

hmm .. His name is also the product that has recently come out since the version RC, was built in OS BUG is still there, it’s based on my own personal experience. Want to know what BUG problems I encountered and how do I fix it … Check This Out:

1. Numlock Off At Startup
2. cs3 Design Premium Problem, ERROR 2739
3. Write Protected USB
4. Multiple Network Connection Problem

Okay try to start I discussed one by one ….

1. Numlock Off At Startup

A bit annoying when every time I turn on the computer and started to enter a password to log in to the desktop, I noticed my NumLock light is off, first I think there is damage to the numlock … since tried to several times the pressure cannot flame. Arose the idea to try this keyboard to another PC that was really no problem, so it can take the conclusion that this is a problem with my OS registry..

Start googling and I found a solution that can solve this problem …

how: to do a few changes to the registry for you to force your NumLock direct light every time you startup your PC.

  • Open the Registry Editor by regedit.exe in the Run box in start menu
  • Then find the address below …
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER>> Control Panel>> Keyboard>> InitialKeyboardIndicators

Set Value with a double click and Set value 2 for ON at Startup and set the value 0 for OFF at startup.

2. cs3 Design Premium Problem, ERROR 2739

The second problem is no less confused him with the first problem, when trying to install a single DVD package contains Adobe CS3 Design Premium on my computer,, when they want to run the resulting setup.exe error message that has error with code 2739 (Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Adobe Customer Support assistance. Internal Error 739) … and googling again with key “error installing cs3 design premium on 7 ultimate” but cannot find anything Same problem solved .. So I’m trying to figure out the purpose and how to fix the error with code “2739”..

And here is the solution:

  • Run the CMD of an administrator (Right-click Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator)
  • At the prompt, type regsvr32 jscript.dll and press Enter
  • Will display dialog “DllRegisterServer in jscript.dll succeeded” and then click OK
  • Try re-installing the package desired CS3

3. Write Protected USB

USB, surely everyone already knows will this versatile device, how it feels if arriving “USB that we put into our computers for any purposes, arriving” in the “write protected”, following his symptoms …

  • I can confirm that the USB does not have a button switch on / off
  • cannot be in the format
  • Some people say there is a registry functions that must be changed, but after I check the registry, no key “storage device key policies” or “write protect” option so no one can change.
  • I’ve tried to make it manually key with the name “write protect” Dword and set with the value 0, but my USB still “write protected”.
  • was not detect any viruses that it has been scanned by multiple antivirus
  • I also have tried to reboot my computer and go into safe mode to try to format the USB from CMD, but still the same result ..

I’m getting desperate!!!!!! arrghhhh … … … …

Until i found this solution, “DiskPart”

  • First of all open programs from RUN CMD in the start menu.
  • type “diskpart”, wait a moment and then type “list volume” its results will show all drives that are running on your computer
  • next, we’re going to diskpart to set the focus drive was write protected by typing “select volume #” enter the desired number according drives then type “attributes disk clear read only” after completion and then type “attributes volume clear readonly”

reboot the USB drive,, write Protected gone!

4. Multiple Network Connection Problem

nah, this problem is related to your internet connection, just annoying and boring because every time you try to connect to the Internet, the configuration of your networking will become detect multiple networks on a single LAN card .. (

Initially I always disable and to re enable Network which is active for multiple network was missing (did it successfully) … but bored it if every time you have to do that,,

nah,, so the solution that I use are:
the CMD program is run from an administrator, run some commands below:

  • Reset WinSock to installation defaults, type netsh winsock reset catalog
  • Reset IPv4 TCP / IP to installation defaults, type netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
  • Reset IPv6 TCP / IP to installation defaults, type netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

* Not all the way “this could solve the problem on every PC with OS Ultimate seven, out of 3 PCs are used as a sample with 4 same problem with the above problems, for the 3 and 4, sometimes the problem is not solved … I do not know why … hopefully can help …
This article is just want the share wrote to all my friends from my own experience,

credit: kaskus

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