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Netbook That Can Hold 14 Hours

For users with high mobility, which sailed 10-inch netbook could be more practical than a notebook? Besides mild and brief, usually needs the ‘street’ is just light activities such as internet access, open documents, or presentations.

However, according to his need to follow the activities from one place to another, the batteries durability must be qualified. In fact, as much as possible for the netbook which we do not run out of battery power when it is important-the importance of such meetings with clients. Seeking an outlet could be when I’m at the office or at a cafe. But, when I’m on the street or in a place far from the wall socket how?

What more cud anticipate things do not get unwanted happens. Choosing products that have the longest battery life could be the best choice. If the notebook has a standard average 3-4 hours of battery life, Samsung NP-N230 netbooks can up to 13.8 hours based on BatteryMark test.

Well, put it outside activities reached 12 hours, it feels netbook is not going to run out the battery in the middle of the road. And you need not bother carry a charger and adapter cables everywhere.

Not only durable, these products also have a sleep mode feature that allows it to be directly active in three seconds. In fact, when you accidentally turn off the netbook or batteries run out, with this feature during a restart, the display will return to original form when they die. No data was lost.

About its shape, this netbook also looks stylish with a shiny black color and slim with a thickness of less than 2.5 cm. The screen was already using a LED backlight and so remains unclear despite antireflective used under exposure to sunlight outdoors.

Its features also not inferior to other netbooks with the latest technology, Bluetooth 3.0, Samsung Recovery Solution to protect data, and 250 GB hard drive, 2 GB memory, and WiFi b / g / n. The processor used is not the most of the new Intel Atom N470 (1.83 GHz, 667 MHz, 512MB), but already quite capable backed Windows 7 Starter Edition.

From the information received Kompas.com, the product was launched mid last year it has entered into Indonesia. However, not all dealers to distribute it. To get it, you may need to prepare a cost of approximately USD 4 million or slightly higher than the netbook in general. Reputation Samsung netbook and notebook on the market was fairly new because the new Samsung Indonesia entered the market beginning in 2010.

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