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Secret Behind Computer Symbols

On/Off Symbol

This symbol has its origin was first used during World War 2 as the password for the switch. Vertical lines represent the number “1” which means life or on, and the circle symbolizes the number “0” which means dead or off. While not a perfect circle that symbolizes the condition of standby.

Bluetooth Symbol

bluetoothButton on this one familiar hobby for the transfer of data from one device to another. It’s the fruit like blueberries, the 10th king of Denmark, Harald Blatand coloring one of his teeth blue. And thanks to the first receptor Bluetooth shaped like the teeth of the king, then use the usual emblem symbolizes the king Harald as its symbol.

Play Symbol

Play SymbolThere are no definite and clear story of why a triangle using that for symbolizing the play button. To be sure, the triangle is considered to be a symbol pointing toward the easiest read. Position that leads to the right reminds us of the direction of the road on cassette tape.

USB Symbol

usb symbolNeptune inspires magic wand as a symbol of USB connectors that can connect any connection. Three tip of his wand that is formed from three areas, squares, triangles, and circles so affirming when USB is a versatile connector.

@ Symbol

at symbolCurrently there are no printing presses; preacher must write the hands of each paper published. Rather than be bothered to write the word “at”, they also make symbol “t” wrapped around “a”. So be this symbol.

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