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Mafia Wars Game was appointed to the Movie

The success of an online game developer Zynga in making games, do not stop just at faceboook. Because one of the social gaming phenomenon Zynga, Mafia Wars on the lift to the movie and you can download old movies from some website.

But according to the Zynga, which raised the film to the big screen is not using the name as the title Mafia Wars movies, but The Green Hornet. In this superhero movie will be shown some ‘equipment’ that exists among them masks, motorcycle, gas guns, double rifles, gas masks, headgear, and garnish Hornet.

Reported by PC Magazine, on Tuesday (11/01/2011), this film will be released on January 14, and enlivened by some supporters of characters in Mafia Wars.

Previously also the style of social gaming up lifted into the movie that is Tron: Legacy. The film also successfully gets a warm welcome

Until now Mafia Wars already has 19 million users. Not long ago Dr. Dre Detox releases a single song for the album Kush, which can be enjoyed in the game Mafia Wars.

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