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Is Safe Your Backup? – PART III

Thus, BD-R media is ideal for backup documents, photos, and music that you have purchased with expensive price. A compressed image of the partition system can also be stored on the chip BD-R 50 GB with the help of the program Nero BackItUp & Burn (CHIP-DVD).

PC users can use Blu-ray drive, for example LG BH08LS20 (approximately U.S. $ 150) as an economical backup device. A piece of Blu-ray 25 GB (speed 4x) costs around U.S. $ 5. LG Burner can burn in 13 minutes 17 seconds. Blu-ray chip dual-layer 50 GB (about U.S. $ 10) can be burned for approximately 31 minutes 49 seconds.

Available worldwide: Cloud
Fast DSL Internet access allows users to store their data on different servers in the Internet cloud. One example is the Google Mail service as webmail and Xmarks (www.xmarks.com) to store your browser bookmarks. The advantages of this method of backup customer data stored in a professional and accessible from any PC via the Internet. However, uploading files is relatively slow about 1 Mbps or 0.125 MB / sec. Hard disks are slow USB 2.0 is still 200x more quickly with a minimum speed of 25 MB / sec. An interesting solution to overcome this problem is cloud storage providers Dropbox. Its client software creates a new folder on your PC and synchronizes the contents of the folder with the cloud system in the background. You can access these files through www.dropbox.com. Free users get 2 GB of storage capacity, while the 50 GB storage capacities charge of U.S. $ 9.99 / month or U.S. $ 99/year. While the charge for 100 GB U.S. $ 19.99 / month or U.S. $ 199/tahun.

Cloud service Windows Live SkyDrive more “generous” in terms of capacity. After registering at www.live.com, users will get 25 GB of free storage quota. Unfortunately, SkyDrive less suitable for storing backups because the maximum file size 50 MB of online hard disk and it cannot be integrated as a local drive. The upload / download could only be done through a web interface or special software is not official, such as SDExplorer (www.cloudstorageexplorer.com). Nevertheless, Microsoft’s service is perfect for you who often upload photos in original size to an online album. A container containing a variety of important documents or your favorite music files, the encrypted TrueCrypt and stored in the cloud system, could be a backup only available if there is something on your PC.
10 Tips Regarding Backup

A data backup is only useful, if in an emergency situation that required files can easily be restored.

1. Backups need to be
The files do not need, such as old programs, photos or videos that do not successfully make a backup of slow and unclear – so get rid of unnecessary.

2. Backup regularly
The shorter the distance between backup, the less the risk of lost data. Ideally start the backup automatically.

3. Double backup
Besides regular backups, sometimes you need to also create a durable backup to always have several copies that can be used.

4. Save the old version
To anticipate one remove / replace, save backups of previous versions.

5. Backup complete
Some programs store important data in the program folder or under “username Application Data”. For example, a media player playlist.

6. Store in a separate place
Theft or fire is a disaster, but you do not have to lose family photographs. So, too Leave your backups at a friend’s house.

7. Backup systems
Installing the operating system and all drivers and programs of time-consuming enough. Therefore, also make the operating system image as a precaution.

8. Restore a flexible data
Some backup programs store all the files in a special container that can only be opened with the backup program. It would be better if you also create a free copy backup files accessed by other programs.

9. Save backups properly
Optical data media containing the backup you need to keep in a cool and dry. Best of each in jewel-case. Written only by CD-marker.

10. Use the “cloud” in an optimal
Let the e-mail remains in your mail service provider’s server. Use e-mail clients to make local copies of your backup along with other files.

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