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Is Safe Your Backup? – PART II

How to Protect Your Confidential Files

To avoid losing data in case of accident, theft or fire, you are advised to save backups on external hard drive or Blu-ray at a friend’s house or upload it to the network cloud. The files that should not be accessible to others can be encrypted using TrueCrypt software (CHIP-DVD).

After installing TrueCrypt, start and click on “Create Volume | Next” (2 times). Choose a name and add the suffix “. Tc” – and the destination folder for the file container. Encryption options, you leave as presets. Set the file size to accommodate the entire container for the backup file. Give a long and secure password, which you can remember for the long term. On the next screen, move the mouse a few seconds then click on “Format”. Now, the encrypted container is ready.

USING a safety backup
Double click on the file container to open it. In the list select a drive letter to contact the container and click “Mount”. After entering the password you can copy files or folders to / from the container, move or delete them. Click the “Dismount” to close the container. Now you can leave without fear of container files to friends.

External hard disks typically provide backup program. Alternatively, use the program Nero BackItUp & Burn contained in the package of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 trial version (CHIP-DVD). This program is usually used to create a system image.

The other program is freeware Personal Backup is more suited to backup external hard disk. Its use is relatively easy. First, select “Configure Task” in the window “Backup-Wizard”. Next, set the backup via the tab “Task Settings”. If already in accordance with your wishes, for example selecting an external hard disk as a backup destination, click the “Actions | Create a desktop icon..”

Caution: Before you use an external hard disk as backup destination folder, set the permanent drive letter for him. To do this, right click “My Computer”, select “Manage | Disk Management”. There, right click again on the drive, select “Change Drive Letter and Paths …” and select an available letter for the hard disk is always accessible through the same path.

All-Rounder: Hard disk NAS
The idea is quite simple NAS, which connects the hard disk directly to any PC that is also connected in a network with the help of routers. Thus, every time the hard disk NAS is available in the network, even with fast speed (on gigabit LAN).

Configuring the hard disk RAID-1 (mirror) which is used NAS is very useful to secure data stored on it if there is damage to your hard disk. In addition to backup, NAS hard disk can also make the process of streaming music and video to a TV or media player and provide photo-sharing facilities to be accessible via the Internet.

One of the NAS that you can use is the LG N2R1 1 TB (2 hard disks). NAS LG N2R1 (around $ 300) is equipped with a Hitachi Deskstar hard disk that offers comparative price / performance interesting. NAS also has a DVD burner that can be used netbooks without optical drvie (via the network with iSCSI facilities).

As a software backup and restore data, Motorola provides Comnso Backup. However, special features, such as SSH or console access to additional modules that can be installed is not available. Such features can be found on the NAS Synology DS710 + (2 1 TB hard disk, about U.S. $ 550) or the QNAP TS-259 Pro (about U.S. $ 670).

If the automatic backup is functioning, you do not have to worry anymore with damage to the hard disk which, according to Kroll Ontrack is the cause of 56% of cases of data loss. Configure the NAS to be able to save files were deleted or overwritten on the PC to anticipate any clear which is the cause of 37% of cases of data loss.

Backup is only safe from the virus (4%) and disasters (2%), when stored separately from the original file and cannot be accessed via the network sharing to prevent data loss. Make backups of your important files on Blu-ray or an external hard disk regularly and, if necessary Leave a friend’s home.

Blu-ray: Not to be removed
Blu-ray storage capacity is large (25 or 50 GB) suitable for use as backup media complement durable. The advantage of Blu-ray (BD-R) is not easily erased, overwritten, and changed. Even Verbatim BD-R media claim it can be lasting up to 12 years in normal storage conditions. At optimal conditions (dry, cool temperatures constant, dark, and not exposed to damaging substances) can even survive for 50 years.

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