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7 Signs The presence of Malware

1.PC always crashes

System error (system error) affects as bad as a virus because it can force the windows to strike work. As a result, appeared reports files missing or damaged, the system hangs, even PC restart itself.

The above problems can be caused by malware that can be programmed so bad that lead to conflict within the file system. This occurs because the virus writers do not have the time and facilities to adequately test their viruses. Rarely malware purposes in order to work “quietly” is reached. Common application is programmed too bad and cause crash. Possibility other cause is a hardware problem, especially the blue screen and automatic restart is usually a sign of the processor, graphics card, or memory that is too hot (overheat) or damaged.

To make sure no hardware problems, first go chasing your PC and remove dust. Then check, if the entire plug installed properly and the fan rotates with lancer. Through the “Start I Settings I Control Panel I I System I hardware device manager”, you can see the hardware conflicts that may occur and resolve it by installing new drivers. To diagnose the system, use a program such as SiSoft Sandra Lite which can indicate whether a component is too hot or not.

If you are new to installing a new program, so this is the culprit program. However, uninstall does not always fix solutions because often there are parts of files or registry entries left behind. Utility CCleaner cleaning windows or time machine, which System Restore may be able to cope.

2. Anomalies in Internet traffic

The report also did not lose a firewall warning annoying. The report can appear even if you’re not surfing at all. The existence of active data traffic via the network or Internet connection is seen through “windows task manager I Network” could be an indication of malware. Now the malware is increasingly rare that only damage the system files. More that sends user data to the virus, download other malware from the Internet or your PC to send spam. Spyware KeyProwler, for example, record your keyboard input and will send it to hackers. Your password and login Information data was immediately intercepted by unauthorized parties. Sometimes, malicious programs that swordfish or even Windows itself can cause updates in the background activity.

Currports program can display all services that use the internet connection. With combination [Ctrl] [F6], hide windows system service. If there is nothing left but a browser, maybe it was a spyware. In the “Remote Address” can be seen that the destination IP address. Who was behind it (the address) can be identified by check through the service htt: / / network-tools.com

3. PCs become paralyzed

This phenomenon may often experience many windows users. Over time, P becomes increasingly slow. Boot lasts longer, after the start, more and more windows to load the data load. Indeed, every malware also spent resources and burdensome system. However, since the first time used, PC also collects a lot of programs that meet the PC obstacles registry, autorun folder, and make your hard disk fragmentation.

Inhibitor system and uninvited guests can be known through the task manager. Better alternative and informative, use the system explorer. In the “system I Start-ups” seen all the programs that distart with windows. As for the “system I services”, tyools it can display all active service.

Service entries originally from windows (windows service) are usually classified as safe. However, the accusers, some malware is disguised as a original windows service, such as worms NetskyAB with the name “csrss.exe.”, While the original service windows are in “C: windows system32”.
If you mark an unknown or suspicious process and select the context menu “File Directory Explorer”, will show the location of the directory of the process. Another option from the context menu is “File Check I VirusTotal.com” which will upload the file to the service VirisTotal.com for analysis. Previously, these processes do not end simply because it could be a an important service for the system.

4. Browsers behave strangely

Certainly annoying if your browser start inconsequential when surfing. Bowser suddenly opens a page of other start, a new toolbars appear in iconbar, and pop-up ad windows that always appear. In ways that malware tried to lure users to a website that has been prepared to steal login data or other malware slipped into a PC. Adware MyCentria, for example to install a browser plugin toolbar as a “tap” search queries and displaying search results that have been manipulated. Toolbars can also infiltrate through programs that are not dangerous. If you are not vigilant when installing program and let its option to participate in the toolbar installed, you will get iconbar the browser.

Just change the start page in Internet browser options are “hijacked” often not enough. The problem, the hijacker (hijacker) was always struck again the entries. Look inside the windows registry through the “Start I Run I regredit”. In “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / InternetExplorer? Game”, for example, you can find the start page Internhet Explorerpada the “Start Page”. An unknown URL usually indicates presence of adware.

HijackThis tool also keeps track of such malware. For that, HijackThis will create a logfile that can be analyzed in www.hijackthis.de. In a forum on this website, the experts also help you interpret the data and reveal whether your PC has a virus and the entries which need to be removed.

5. A little weird hard disk activity

This problem is also experienced by many users. PC suddenly started noisy and hard disk LED lights flashing not known, although you do not do anything and no programs running. It may be a virus awake and looking for an account and passwords on your hard disk. Malware can also be downloaded from the internet activities and tries to install itself to your PC.

Typically, this activity is a cause that is not harmful. Windows and other programs often use idle PCs to service phase of an automated system, such as hard disk defragmentation, file indexing process, or updates / backups automatically. It may also antivirus is doing the examination system periodically.

Open your antivirus through ntray small icon in the taskbar and check, whether it was checking the antivirus system. What is a windows service is active, you can know through the “Scheduled Tasks” (Vista). There also you can see, when other services at the start. Auto updater other programs you can show through the help of tools System Explorer.

6. antivirus damaged

Every day, 30,000 new viruses appear. So, the actual antivirus that always absolutely necessary. Many PC users who are less concerned if the antivirus was no longer start or do not update. These symptoms should not be taken lightly because it could indicate the existence of virus attack on antiviral protection mechanism. Now, bavirus “through google. As is known, antivirus update problem can occur due to interference from the user’s connection or connection to the server is fully updated antivirus software provided by the manufacturer.

First, you should be able to run the update manually. This option is in your protection programs, usually in the update “or” options “. Information about server problems or crashes that may occur are usually also published on the software manufacturers support it.
However, the risk of virus-infected PCs will be higher if you are getting old not to update the antivirus. For that, you are advised to take preventive Other early by checking your PC through an online antivirus services, such as TrendMicro (http://housecall.trend-micro.com) is quite powerful and works well in Firefox and IE browsers. This online service will scan your PC is totally up to the RAM and boot sector with actual signature virus.

7. User interface changes

False error reports with the words “funny”, the icon is changed, characters that are not clear on the monitor is an example of malware that is not harmful. The author may simply want to “appear” or just upset. Virus Blusod “, for example, can display a fake blue screen and scare the user. For those who panic can simply restore the backup image or reinstall windows that are not needed.

Typically, these indications caused by a virus, but generally does not cause permanent or fatal damage. Dangerous viruses are usually aimed for may not detected on the PC. Malware is not dangerous generally not hiding deep in the system so it can be removed quickly. As a solution, an online antivirus or antivirus freeware is adequate. However, for the PC more secure its safety, it is advisable to use a package of integrated and comprehensive protection.

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