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MonaVie.com – How do people earn revenue from distribution of products of this company?

Well before starting with how people earn revenue from distribution of products of MonaVie.com, we should first have a little bit understanding about the Company. MonaVie.com was set up in early 2005 as a home based company involved in the distribution of products in phytonutrients and antioxidants categories. The primary ingredient of products of MonaVie.com is acai berry, which is found in dark forests of Amazon.

MonaVie.com has a very innovative compensation plan within this direct selling industry of consumer products. There are approximately nine ways through which people can earn money through sale of MonaVie.com products. These nine ways are excluding a 50% profit on sale of MonaVie.com products. The following are the nine ways:

1. Multiple Business Centers;
2. Leadership Bonus;
3. Executive Check Match Bonus;
4. Team Bonuses;
5. Star Maker Bonus;
6. First Order Bonus;
7. Bulk Order Bonus;
8. Top Retailers Bonus; and
9. Direct Sales.

MonaVie.com has people distributing its products around the whole world. These people are witnessing the sensational growth rate of MonaVie.com products and the huge benefits of doing MonaVie.com home business.

There are many people who join MonaVie.com to conduct business with their relatives, friends, colleagues or people with whom they interact on a daily basis. The business of distributing MonaVie.com products will only work if you are able to make a big and good network of people. So go out there make network and enjoy the benefits of distributing MonaVie.com products.

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