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10 Myths In the field of Information Technology

Myths are stories that grow in communities that are not obvious truth but it is considered correct by the author or those who embrace this. This myth is usually rooted and need a process and time for those who embrace this to realize that what they believe is not true.

In the world of IT (Information Technology) was developed a few myths. Generally this myth emerged through the initial process that is really happening or through prejudice and until now some of the myths in the IT world is still ‘robust stored’ in our minds.

What are some myths in the IT world? Here are 10 myths that developed in the world of IT and some are still so strong to be eliminated, as summarized from Vnunet

10. Companies must change their system as much as 2 to 3 years

It is true that the development of the computer world is so fast but a myth to require replacing the system every 2 to 3 years is not entirely correct. Generally, companies use a computer that only requires a program like Office suite, web browser and email client so it does not need to replace the entire system in a fairly short period (2-3 years). And even with a netbook nearly 90% of our work can be completed.

9. Bill Gates is a great programmer

If until now we still hold that a Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft, is a great programmer so good nan extraordinary thrown away such thoughts. Although Bill Gates has the capability of programming on some of us but a great programmer behind the success of the operating system made by Microsoft is Paul Allen. Bill Gates was allowed to lose than Paul Allen, but he is a businessman who has a very sharp instinct that can take Microsoft victorious in the last few decades.

8. Computers Macs are not compatible with any

First, the myth that Macs are not compatible computer with anything so thick and it’s not completely true. Right now since Apple uses Intel processors in the computer then Macs can run Windows operating system as well and since the first major applications like Office and Photoshop has never had a problem to run on Macs.

7. The computer will last a long time when left on

“Better still turn on your computer to be more durable”, as that is what many people say first. This myth is in line with the development of computer hardware becomes obsolete. First to turn on the computer is needed big power and to maintain a stable temperature inside the computer are encouraged to not be too often turn on and turn off the computer (mainframe era). But that is no longer valid for computers today.

6. Hackers can cause a third world war

In many films or stories are often described that a hacker can break through the military facilities of a country that has nuclear weapons and create ‘chaos’ with their fad-owned nuclear drive to another country. Horrible is not if it could really happen, and until now such a thing had never happened because it’s not as easy as what is portrayed in the movie / story to be able to break into military computer defense system of a country. That it should be more of concern is the factor of human error (human error) and system failures.

5. Apple / Linux is definitely more secure than Windows

If you think that a system based on Apple’s operating system (Mas OS X) and Linux is definitely more secure than Windows-based so your opinion is not entirely correct. Windows operating system is often referred to as the most vulnerable because they are making Windows as a target so ‘excited’ and is valued for Windows users in the world. For Mac OS X too often get security patches, though often too late and for Linux was not much different, only on Linux-based community then any security problems there will be many people who react quickly to resolve it.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence obtained by the computer faster

In science fiction movies are often portrayed a robot that has the intelligence and feeling like a human and was obtained from the faster computers. This is not true, although the faster computers now but to create a robot that has artificial intelligence like human beings not just merely a computer problem that quickly because it is also associated with a complex psychology that until now had not been able to pin down.

3. Internet was developed to be safe from nuclear war

Myths like this come up with a scenario where the Internet protocol was developed for later in the event of nuclear attack, the damaged parts of a computer network can be routed through the internet and fixed data flow smoothly for the benefit of the western world. But the myth has never been proven, until now the Internet remain neutral and its wider use.

2. The greater the power of the CPU = faster computer

This view has been developed over two decades. Many people assume greater processor clockspeed is the faster of computer. What exactly is the speed of a processor has very little influence on the overall performance of computers, there are still other factors are more dominant for example: cache size, graphics capabilities and hard disk access time.

1. The company writes most of the antivirus maker of computer viruses

Recurring view that computer viruses are circulating written by antivirus companies and the views are widely circulated today. Fact that many are in circulation today are mostly computer viruses are created by the script kiddies that mimic or alter the source code of viruses that belong to someone. And this view does not need to occur if we know the antivirus makers will not be busied himself with making the virus itself because any day-to-day they face hundreds and perhaps thousands of computer viruses.

Credit: KASKUS

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