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Fix Flash Disk Sudden Death

before doing the tutorial below, there are 2 questions that must be answered personally:

  1. whether critical data is left in the flash that cannot be used again (in the end will be disposed of with existing data in it)
  2. I’ll reformat the flash could be used again, even though their previous data2 who participated left ..?

When the flash drive plugged into the computer win XP, is being used but the windows suddenly hank aka frozen. After booting the computer in force and in turn it on again, it turns out that embedded flash disk was dead. Flash disk cannot work anymore. Windows detects the capacity 0 MB and issued a message to format. Tried for the format failed, too. Finally, not used anymore Flash disk

If it’s cases like this are naturally against damage in flash disks do not worry we can still try to save and make life again. Here are the steps to fix it:

  1. Software that we need for this purpose is the HP Drive Boot Utility (made by HP but do not worry it turns out we can use to brand the other even for camera memory can also be).
  2. Once downloaded, run / install and select the drive to flash disk that will be corrected.
  3. Choose the type of disc format that would in use (FAT, FAT32 or NTFS)
  4. Select the Quick Format
  5. Then select start to start.

credit : KASKUS

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