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Bermuda Triangle Mystery, Indicate Point Light

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or commonly referred to as the triangle devil began to be solved. These facts shed a variety of beliefs about the existence of aliens, time path birthplace of the Antichrist and the gathering of demons and other strange phenomena that exist in the area between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rican.

According to research published in the American Journal of Physics, disappearance of ships and aircraft passing through the Bermuda triangle caused by the natural gas that burst from the water. The gas is made from methane, a type of gas with the usual ingredients used for cooking.

Methane gases could become a big bubble. According to Prof. Joseph Monaghan, a professor from Monash University in Australia, a large bubble of gas giant ships will cause the ship to lose buoyancy so that’s sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Bubbles are also able to achieve air and mercilessly devour plane. So the power of the machine will stop and the plane will fall instantly.

Usually in the form of frozen methane gas under the pressure of hydrates at the bottom of the ocean. However, this gas at any time can become large bubbles rise to the surface ocean and even to atmospheric air. Ivan T. Sanderson said he has identified the mysterious zones since the 1960’s.

According to him, other than Bermuda triangle, the Sea of Japan and the North Sea also belch methane gas. In fact, he describes that in fact the mysterious zones more than a diamond shaped like a triangle diamond jewelry.
The Oceanography who had roamed the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle and the North Sea, the region between mainland Europe and the UK reported that there is content of methane and former landslide sites are abundant there.

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