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Tips To Notebooks Durable

For those of you who have laptops in the form of Notebook or Netbook (UMPC) would want a laptop is always in prime condition and durable in use for many years. Of course if you want this to happen on your laptop, you have to do a few tips on using a laptop with a good and right and perform maintenance on your laptop. Thus, both hardware and software contained in it always functioned well and optimal usage. Here are some tips especially for Lenovo laptop parts:

  1. Place the laptop on a flat and a flat place for the ventilation holes located at the bottom of the laptop is closed. Make sure the notebook was in a stable, not a lot of shake and vibration that can damage the hard disk, Optical Drive, socket-socket and other mechanical components.
  2. Add screen protector (screen protector) so that the screen is not easily scratched, the protective keyboard (keyboard protector) for the keyboard is not possessed by dust / liquids that cause damage to the keyboard keys and use the cooling pad when the laptop will be used for a long time, for air circulation in Laptops awake.
  3. Be sure to carefully check whether the adapter socket is embedded with a good and stable. If not, will sparks spattered on the socket resulting in the charge will drop connection. At worst each considered a spark by a battery charging cycle (Lithium Battery + / – 1000 x charging). Experience proves a result of lax outlet has resulted in a very short battery life and some have only just 1 month old battery is damaged.
  4. Notice the battery indicator prior to filling (charge) your laptop. When the show battery capacity 80%, you can work in conjunction with the adapter attached to the notebook and do not have to worry about going overcharge, because the latest notebook has been equipped with overcharge protection. Why is that? Lithium batteries can be filled under normal conditions and use + / – 1000 cycle and the conditions of> 85% when battery recharge is not considered a charge cycle, but if the condition <80% is considered as 1 cycle of charge and recharge, so that battery life will decrease a cycle. If the notebook is not used for a long time (more than 1 week), should be off the battery and adapter. Make sure the notebook in a state actually dies (Shutdown) when stored for a long time.
  5. Do not get used to using a notebook with the adapter only and remove the battery. Rumors said that when working outside in a long time the battery should be removed because it can be damaged due to overcharge. Though it would be a major catastrophe when a power failure suddenly. Laptop hard drive could be damaged severely in the following data in it. In fact, sometimes the data files are far more valuable than the laptop itself. So, other than as power storage, the battery also serves to help provide stable power adapter when his time alone is not sufficient enough to work with a maximum processor.
  6. Update your antivirus notebook as often as possible, avoiding harmful Internet sites, as many spyware, spam, malware, and others. Avoid exchanging data with other computer users without checked with antivirus software first, and use the original software (not pirated) for safe and comfortable.
  7. Do not put Mobile on the laptop or on a laptop keyboard. Better to keep mobile phones from your laptop. Experience proves, Mobile when there is call or when receiving a sms, a very large release of radiation that would damage the chips in laptops that proved to be very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. As a result of what often happens is damage to the keyboard controller chips which resulted in a few numbers / letters cannot get out.
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