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Deceptive Techniques Transactions in Cyber World

Internet is now no longer alien technology for computer users. Users are more and more, even the Indonesian government is now actively socialize-jealous internet presence to be used in schools. Not only urban schools, but now grown to touch the existing schools in rural areas.

It is now recognized diversity of Internet content makes the internet get a lot of nicknames, ranging from the world’s storehouse of information, the library world’s largest, most complete source of knowledge, and many other nicknames. Therefore, it cannot be denied at this time the Internet is necessary, even for some people, the Internet became a necessity and lifestyle. For them, the Internet is used to perform daily activities, from simply looking for information on the latest news, doing business with various community groups, conduct mobile banking transactions such as paying bills, buying goods, looking for travel schedules, offering products or services, and activities other.

Currently, if a computer device, both personal computer (PC) and laptop was not complete its function when the device is not able to connect to the Internet. Even now mobile devices have a feature to connect to the Internet via GPRS technology or used as a modem using Bluetooth facility.

However, just like in real life, evil never dies. Similarly, we are about the crimes that are destructive comforts activity in the world of computing and surfing the internet. More and more people involved in cyberspace (the Internet), it becomes target the owner of malicious programs (malware) which at all times ready to disturb the comfort of surf. This is called spyware.


In accordance with its name, which means spy and spy ware, which means the program, the spyware that fall into this category of malicious software, was created in order to spy on computers that we use. Of course, in accordance with the character and nature of a spy, it was all done without the knowledge of the owner. After obtaining the data from the results of monitoring, spyware later to report activities that occur on the PC to a third party or the creator of the spyware.

Spyware was originally not dangerous because it does not damage the data as well as by a virus. Unlike viruses or worms, spyware does not breed and do not spread themselves to other PC in the same network. However, in line with developments in technology and sophistication of human reason, which was originally only tangible spyware or banner ads in order to gain profit only, now turned into one of the media that damage, and even tended to harm.

Based on the type of disturbance that posed, and then popping up the names of the types of spyware. Here are some names of spyware.


The form of this program is usually in the form of hidden advertising inserted by the program and appear suddenly. Generally programs are free, but with the compensation the user must accept advertising on the program.

Browser Helper Object

Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a hijacker that displays a link on the toolbar. Generally BHO conduct espionage for the record the activities netter, in addition to the browser view us, and add a special toolbar.

Browser hijackers

Our browser forcibly inserted into a particular link and force us to go on a particular site even though we have correctly typed the address domain of the site that we are headed. That is, the browser program that we use indirectly have hijacked and directed to specific sites.


It acts include automatic function for internet connection. Although we do not connect the Internet, are secretly active program to own. The impact may result in material losses as a phone bill that suddenly swelled.

Drive-by downloads

Automatically install a program without knowledge of the owner of the computer. This method is usually exploiting the weaknesses in the old version of internet explorer.

Homepage hijacking

This is mostly done by malware authors. By changing the default browser homepage address and cannot be changed even though we’ve been doing re-sets.


Through programs that are accessible, keylogger record what we type and send data to the server malware authors. This program can be detrimental if the necessary data that we have or keep in computer can be known.

Search hijackers

Is control by a search engine on your browser. If one writes the address, the program usually displays so many pop up ads that are not known.

Surveillance software

One of the malicious programs by record activity on a computer, including critical data, passwords, and other. The program is very smart and only sends data after a user completes an activity.


Functioned to direct visitors to the site to other sites that they want.

Therefore, the carelessness that we do will cause the loss is not small. Especially when it comes to materials such as conducting indiscriminate transactions via the Internet using credit cards or the like. It is not possible, account number or credit card we will be recorded by them and re-used for an illegal transaction.

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