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Make Windows 7 Become Two Times Faster and More Responsive

This tweak applies only to computers that have more memory than 2 GB of RAM

The following steps:

  1. Open a command prompt
    (Click Start and type “cmd” in the search menu, will display the command prompt icon. Right click the cmd icon and select “Run as Administrator”.)
  2. Then type “behavior sets fsutil memoryusage 2” (without quotation marks) then hit enter
  3. And reboot the computer

fsutil behavior set memoryusage

Brief description fsutil

Configures the internal cache levels of NTFS paged-pool memory and NTFS nonpaged-pool memory. Set to 1 or 2. When set to 1 (the default), NTFS uses the default amount of paged-pool memory. When set to 2, NTFS increases the size of its lookaside lists and memory thresholds. (A lookaside list is a pool of fixed-size memory buffers that the kernel and device drivers create as private memory caches for file system operations, such as reading a file.)

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