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Create a Fragrant Fart

so far people are always uncomfortable or disgusted if someone farted next to them, especially if farts are not out sound, rich smell definitely kecepirit genie. Definitely the people cursed with all sorts of abuse on animals that ever lived this earth.

Where did the origin fart?
Of gas in the intestines. Intestinal gas in the air comes from who we swallow, gas seeping into the intestines from the blood, gas, chemical & gas from the reaction of the bacteria in the stomach.

What is the composition of fart?
Varies. The more air you swallow, the more levels of nitrogen in flatus (absorption oxygen from the air by the body before it reaches the intestine). The presence of bacteria and chemical reactions between stomach acid and intestinal fluids to produce carbon dioxide. Bacteria also produce methane and hydrogen.

The proportion of each gas depending on what you eat, how much swallowed air, the type of bacteria in the gut, how long you hold a fart. The longer hold a fart, the greater the proportion of nitrogen, because the absorption of other gases by the blood through the intestinal wall. People who eat in a hurry oxygen levels in fart more because his body could not absorb oxygen.

Why do farts stink?
The smell of farts for the content of hydrogen sulfide & merkaptan. Both of these compounds containing sulfur (sulfur). The more sulfur content in your food, the more sulfides & merkaptan produced by bacteria in the stomach and the more your farts stink. Egg & meat had a big role in producing the stench of farts. Nuts role in producing the volume of farts, not in making the stink.

Why fart making a sound?
Because of the vibrations of the anal canal when the fart is produced. The severity depends on the speed of sound of gas and the narrowness of the anal canal.

Why fart insidious was warm & no voice?
One source of fart is bacteria. Fermentation bacteria and digestion processes produce heat, the gas side is rotten. Gas bubble size is smaller, warm and saturated with the products of bacterial metabolism malodorous. It later became a fart, though only a small volume, but the SBD (Silent But Deadly).

How many fart produced per day?
The average half-liter of farts a day in 14 times.

Why do farts come out through the anus hole?
Because of its density is lighter, why do not fart gas to travel upward? Not so. Intestinal peristalsis push it downward. Pressure around the lower rectum. Intestinal peristalsis make room becomes pressurized, forcing the contents of the intestine, including its gas to move into lower-pressure area who are around the anus. On the way to the anus, small bubbles join a large bubble. If there was no peristalsis, the gas bubbles will break through to the top again, but not too far, because of whom intestine complicated & convoluted.

How much time needed by a fart to travel to someone else’s nose?
Depending on the condition of the air, like humidity, temperature, wind speed & direction, fart gas molecular weight, the distance between ‘transmitters’ with ‘receiver’. Once leaving the source, spreads & fart gas concentration decreases. If the fart is not detected within a few seconds, it means experiencing dilution in the air and disappeared into the air forever. Unless you fart in a narrow space, such as elevators, cars, more concentration, so the smell will stay for a long time until finally absorbed by the wall. There was no effect of this odor if the ‘receiver’ more colds.

So that we cannot smell farts, there is one way that my mind was daydream. We created a device such as air filter systems and shape like a fragrant tea extract that osmosis system (form a circle). Middle love pasta strawberries (or any pasta according to taste, but the pasta is dry powder).

mechanism when the fart that contain some of the gas line will bind the aroma of pasta that we apply in this tool. so the gas – gas that will bind this radical free electrons that exist in the pasta (not very natural).

pair the same way if put on pads, so the “osmotut” (let’s call it osmotut tool) installed in our anus hole, do not forget you’ll plaster flew everywhere. InsYa Allah we are so fragrant fart and no longer have the same fear of abuse by other people even if we fart in a crowd of people

credit IDWS

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