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The uniqueness of the Japanese state

  1. In Japan, the number “4” and “9” not liked, so there is often no room number “4” and “9”. “4” is pronounced “shi” sound with the same meaning “dead”, while “9” read “my”, the same sound with which means “kurushii / miserable.
  2. Japanese people love numbers “8”. The prices of goods most end in “8”. Milk for example, 198 yen. But because current rules require a listed price of the goods must enter the tax already, so maybe this habit will disappear. (Market = Yaoya = text kanji happyaku-ya or store 800).
  3. If the summer, the drama on TV often show things that are scary (ghosts).
  4. How to read Japanese text there are two styles: the same with books lettered Roman alphabet letters are read from top to bottom, and the second is from the right-most column to the left. So that the front and back of the book opposite the Roman alphabet books (home page located at “the back”).
  5. Signature in Japan almost never apply for formal purposes, but must wear hanko / inkan / stamp. Type hanko in Japan there are few, a.l. Jitsu-ins, gingko-ins, and mitome-ins. So one person has some kind inkan sometimes, for various purposes. Inkan Jitsu-ins are used for very important purposes, like buying a house, buy a car, to be a guarantor, etc.. shiyakusho this type to be registered. Ginko-in is kind of special inkan used to create an account at a bank. inkan was registered at the bank. Mitome-ins are used for everyday purposes, and not be registered.
  6. If we sign, sometimes the Japanese will be asked: is read how? If in Japan when a signature is required (eg passport, etc..) Usually write their names in kanji, so it can read clearly. While we usually make an abbreviation or graffiti so that it can not be copied / read by others.
  7. Reality TV in Japan is dominated by the cook to cook.
  8. Copies of the Japanese self-service, whereas in Indonesia, in-service.
  9. If you ride a taxi in Japan, the door opened and closed by the driver. Passengers are not allowed to open and close it themselves.
  10. Ever see how the Japanese do not count “one”, “two”, “three “…. With his finger? If you notice, there are differences with the habits of Indonesian people. Indonesian men generally start from making a fist and when calculating the “one”, the little finger enforced. Calculating the “two”, the ring finger is enforced, and so on. If the Japanese people, I understand, just the opposite. They always start from the open palms, and how to calculate reverse Indonesian people. We say “one”, then the finger will be bent / shut the door to the palm. If can not believe it, try to prove with your Japanese friends.
  11. Bicycles must not be used for free ride, unless the rider over the age of 16 years and brought children aged less than one year and only one man who brought. If breached, the maximum penalties 20 thousand yen.
  12. If the escalator in Tokyo, we must stand on the left, because the right is for people who are in a hurry. Never stand on the right if we do not immediately go up.
  13. Dating in Japan truly frugal, buy a girlfriend is not going out Japanese culture. So long as husband and wife have not finished, prepare pay money for each
  14. Pickup girlfriend nor Japanese culture. If you want to meet at, yes meeting up at the station.
  15. Never ever say to the people of Japan: “I’m going to your house.” Because it was considered impolite. To his home only if already permitted.
  16. “Aishiteru” which means I love you, seldom dipake by the court, except if they really want to get married already. They usually wear “Daisuke desu” to disclose if they love with his girlfriend..
  17. Before traveling, usually Japanese people are always checking the weather forecast. And 90% forecast is accurate. That is why if there are people carrying umbrellas, surely we would see another person carrying an umbrella as well. And the intersection of Shibuya is the most attractive place when the rain, because from above we will see a sea of colorful umbrellas.
  18. Cherry blossoms are a special interest in Japanese, because the flowers grow only 2 weeks a year. When growing, the flowers filled the whole tree, without leaves. Cherry blossoms are a special interest in Japanese, because the flowers grow only 2 weeks a year. When growing, the flowers filled the whole tree, without leaves. After two weeks, none of the cherry blossoms, only green leaves, without interest, and becomes not attractive again.
  19. In Indonesia, we would get money if we sell our used goods to a store sale. But in Japan, we even have to pay if you want to store our stuff in the shop buying and selling. That’s why Japanese people prefer to leave their old TVs when will move an apartment
  20. At the crossroads of Kyoto, small intersection, no cars at all, but there are red lights, pedestrians always stop when the pedestrian signal lights showing red. They just relaxed, read newspapers, chatting, smoking, and then off again when the lights are green. Though no single passing car. Maybe if they break the rules also would not hurt.
  21. They don’t believe in God (the majority of atheists), but they can be disciplined and obey the same regulations. Maybe that’s why their country forward. I do not know …
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