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Types of Hidden Camera Function

Hidden camera functions – room spy camera

Think of these ideas, if you have a hidden camera, you can:

  1. Photographing anywhere without carrying around a heavy digital camera
  2. Monitor employees with room spy camera
  3. minimize cheating, theft and corruption
  4. video recording anytime there is interesting moments
  5. for the transfer of data, a 2gb or 4gb flash disk
  6. protect you from crimes where there are no witnesses
  7. gathering evidence for yourself or for others
  8. Hidden camera functions as a proof of the transaction, the economic evidence (eg, spread leaflets with videotape evidence)
  9. as a reinforcement of the agreement (on a signature stamp can be falsified, or denied its authenticity. What if the recorded video?)
  10. Interview tool for journalists, investigators, etc.
  11. Reminders or reminder. Drive a car, but you want to – record or remember anything? Record alone, the play will be staying at home
  12. Record speech, as a reminder for you and the other person
  13. business presentation, a tool to show something that is difficult is explained with the words (see it for yourself)
  14. make a simple movie (like this) for your product profiles, research or just sharing your photos or videos with friends via youtube
  15. the camera function to record interviews with prospective employees, without them feeling uncomfortable. Have you ever once interviewed several applicants, and then forget how they look again? You will find it hard to make decisions by considering only images or their resumes. By recording them, you can clearly remember each applicant, or indicate to your boss if he had not attended the interview. With room spy camera, applicants do not feel uncomfortable.
  16. As a unique gift
  17. to write ..? There are other ideas?
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