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Determining Direction of Destination Business Web Hosting

Determine the direction of the web hosting business goals is not easy. This I find, after dabbling in this business.

A little background, I previously as a database programmer who has a lot of acquaintances of people that could be considered rich. Once acquainted with them as computers (hardware & software) turns out they need not only that. They also need a website as a media promotion of their products (there are a product retail, entertainment, manufacturing, contracting, computer hardware, advertising / printing, multi level marketing, etc.). Then with a little desperate I offer website creation services, and they accept it. Website that I make most using joomla and wordpress hehehe … and I hosted at a hosting service provider …. until now most are still there, yet I moved into my own place.

Then what? I created a hosting company as a place to hold my own website

When the company (the company!? Does have a few employees? Instead of just your own employees hosting ?…) I stand … I am a bit confused determine the direction of my web hosting business purposes ….

Slightly open the “kitchen of the mind” to me, is that there is and I have done for my hosting company:

1. As the bucket Own Web
This is my doing and there had been earlier planned.
2. Web Design & Hosting
* Instant Online Store -> target retail store
* Professional Website Maker -> target small office / medium
* Broker website -> container means for creative individuals
3. Sell Web Hosting
This, too, I have done

Then …. What else ????

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