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Tricks: Login two accounts Facebook in one Firefox browser

icon facebookIf you have more than one facebook account, email (or Internet services that require passwords) or your computer is shared, then you can log in multiple accounts in one email facebook or Mozilla Firefox browser together with how to use different profiles, because by using a different profile then email password is stored in cookies differently.

Here is how Firefox in parallel setting by adding a new profile:

  1. Close your Firefox
  2. Sign in to run, Write the following words: firefox.exe -ProfileManager
  3. Click on Create Profile, Next
  4. Compose your new profile, for example “asepus”
  5. Click Finish.

So that we can use it to easily create a new icon for profile
your new:

Make a copy of the shortcut icon and name the new firefox, for example: New Profiles
Right-click the icon> properties and add the code on the target:

-no-remote -p asepus (put spaces between .Exe ” and -no, asepus is the name fit the profile that you’ve created) and click apply.

To test whether we have succeeded in setting, the run-ons of the old and new. Then login with a different account. If login successful then you have successfully run Firefox in parallel with the new profile.

If you want to have a new profile Firefox add on Firefox and bookmarks like the old, fairly easy way by first copying the contents of the old profile folder to the new profile folder.

  1. Make sure you’ve enabled “Show hidden files and folders”
  2. Open the C: Documents and Settings [computer user name] Application Data Mozilla Firefox Profiles
  3. Copy the contents of the folder (arbitrary code). default to the folder (arbitrary code).
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