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De Oranje Stop Samba Dancing

Five-time champion, Brazil, had to go home with unsteady from the World Cup in 2010. Netherlands squad Bert van Marwijk successful parenting ‘expel’ the world’s best team from South Africa won both the semi-final ticket in the stadium Nelson Mandela Bay, Friday (2/7/2010).

Netherlands and Brazil must kill each other at the World Cup quarter-finals in 2010 in order to bring hope of lifting the trophy winners, 11 July. Holds five titles, fleet Selecao favorite to advance to the next round. However, the Orange team obviously could not be dismissed.

Van Marwijk lose their best players in the starting XI for foster children facing Carlos Dunga. Obviously, including Wesley Sneijder who became the motor of De Oranje attack, and Arjen Robben who appeared impressive in the last two games.

Nevertheless, the Brazilian who perform confidently in control in the first round. In fact, direct Selecao banged Dutch defense when Robinho kick in the seventh minute was unable driven Marteen Stekelenburg. However, the immediate goal disallowed because Robinho is in an offside position.

However, Orange Tim relief did not last long. Just three minutes after his goal disallowed, Robinho completed the job well and bring Brazil winning 1-0.

Dutch back line wide open pretty surprised by Felipe Melo to bait a lunge forward Robinho goal Stekelenburg. Without wasting time, bomber Santos made the Brazilian fans cheered when the ball kicks hacking into the goal.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst cs react quickly to catch up. Unfortunately, Dirk Kuyt measurable kick can still be driven Selecao main goalkeeper, Julio Cesar.

Confident of the superiority, the Brazilian fleet continues to increase the score. In minute 25, Dani Alves cross was almost converted into a goal by Juan. However, his kick is still soaring above the goal.

Entering the 31st minute, Kaka’s turn to threaten Stekelenburg after a combination of feed forward Robinho and Luis Fabiano. Luckily for De Oranje, Stekelenburg carry out their duties properly and ward off the ball.

Until the injury time, Brazil also did not relax the attack. Tough defender Maicon tried his luck with the release kick from the right sector. Unfortunately, his efforts have not succeeded in forcing Stekelenburg again picked up the ball.

Selecao dominance is still felt in the beginning of the second half. The attackers Oranje wits as defense through rigorous Brazil. Sneijder got a golden opportunity in the equalizer 51 minutes when the ball fell at his feet. Unfortunately, Inter Milan playmaker kick too wide.

However, like Robinho in the first half, Sneijder immediate payment of its failures, two minutes later. Intends to release a cross into the penalty area, kick it lodged in the goal Sneijder Cesar, after earlier about Felipe Melo.

These goals directly stimulate the spirit of the fleet van Marwijk to keep pressing the Brazilian. De Oranje trying to break the statistics by becoming the first team to successfully reverse the underdevelopment throughout the World Cup in 2010.

Kaka again proved his title of Player of the Confederations Cup in 2009 when his hard kick nearly brought Brazil winning in 65 minutes. However, the former AC Milan star had to swallow disappointment again widened in the side of the ball after goalkeeper Stekelenburg.

Disaster for the Selecao, three minutes later, Sneijder Netherlands actually bring superior after welcoming the ball rebounds from Dirk Kuyt with a header of his head. Cesar did not have the opportunity to ward off the ball and forced to pick up the ball a second time.

The situation worsened when Melo for Brazilian referee was expelled due to violations of severity of Robben. Trying to steal the ball from Bayern Munich winger, Robben stepped Melo seen already fallen on the ground.

The Dutch turned the game in control, even though Brazil was reluctant to give up so easily. Kaka tried his luck once again to fool the guard Johnny Heitinga and pushed into the penalty area. However, Andre Ooijer replaces Joris Mathijsen who managed to secure the ball and frustrate opportunities through tekel Kaka.

Two minutes before the end of the game, Dirk Kuyt scored a golden opportunity to add the Dutch victory by bringing the ball to the front of the goalkeeper Cesar. Liverpool striker finally thwarted efforts by Juan.

However, it does not matter for the Dutch. Long whistle referee in minute 90 ‘+ 3’ ensure Sneijder et al cruised into the semifinal match against the winner of Uruguay contra Ghana, early days.

Failure Selecao feeling of déjà vu this time as memories of World Cup 2006 in Germany when they were knocked out in quarter-finals by France.

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