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CALL FOR PAPERS – The 5th Doctoral Journey in Management


The 5th Doctoral Journey in Management
How to Enhance Globability in The New World”
Tuesday , 3rd August 2010
UI Campus, Depok, Indonesia

The MRC Doctoral Journey in Management (DJM) is an annual forum to link academic and business entities conducted by MRC and Business Indonesia Daily. The 5th DJM offers a platform for doctoral candidates, business researchers or practitioners to exchange research ideas in an academically rigorous and supportive environment. Students will gain feedbacks from other students, leading academics and eminent business practitioners. Those who are interested in attending and presenting their papers (at different stages) should send their papers to the // <![CDATA[
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// ]]>.  Papers may be written in English or Indonesia.


Submission Full Paper/ Abstract : 30th June 2010
Notification of Acceptance : 7th July 2010
Full papers for accepted abstracts : 30th July 2010
Registration : 28th June – 21st July 2010
Conference Date : 3rd August 2010

Registration Payment Details

Presenters                             Rp. 100.000
Non Presenters/others             Rp. 150.000

Organizing Committee

Dr. Rofikoh Rokhim, Universitas Indonesia &  Bisnis Indonesia Daily

Scientific Committee

Finance, Capital Market & Banking
– Prof. Dr. Eduardus Tandelilin
– Prof. Dr. Hadri Kusuma
– Prof. Dr. Imam Gozali
– Prof. Dr. Kresnohadi Aryoto
– Prof. Dr. Ketut Rahyuda
– Prof. Dr. Marwan Asri
– Prof. Dr. Romli M. Kurdi
– Prof. Dr. Roy Sembel
– Prof. Dr. Soeroso
– Prof. Dr. Sugeng Wahyudi
– Prof. Dr. Vincent DidikMarketing
– Prof. Dr. Augusty Ferdinand
– Prof. Dr. Djumilah Zain
– Prof. Dr. Sofjan Assauri
– Prof. Dr. Sri Wahjuni Astuti
– Prof. Dr. Sucherly
– Prof. Dr. Teddy Pawitra

Human Resources & Organization
– Prof. Dr. Andreas Budihardjo
– Prof. Dr. Didin Mukodim
– Prof. Dr. Eka Afnan Troena
– Prof. Dr. Jusuf Irianto
– Prof. Dr. Mutiara Sibarani
– Prof. Dr. Wagiono Ismangil

Strategic & Innovation Management
– Prof. Dr. Basu Swastha
– Prof. Dr. Budiman Chistianta
– Prof. Dr. Djabir Hamzah
– Prof. Dr. Frans Mardi Hartanto
– Prof. Dr. Jann Hidayat
– Prof. Dr. Martani Husaeni
– Prof. Dr. Tresna P Soemardi
– Prof. Dr. Tulus Haryono

Universitas  Gadjah Mada
Universitas  Islam Indonesia
Universitas  Diponegoro
Universitas  Indonesia
Universitas  Udayana
Universitas  Gadjah Mada
Universitas  Padjajaran
Universitas  Pelita Harapan
Universitas  Indonesia
Universitas  Diponegoro
Universitas  Soegijapranata
Universitas  Diponegoro
Universitas  Brawijaya
Universitas  Indonesia
Universitas  Airlangga
Universitas  Padjajaran
Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Universitas Gunadarma
Universitas  Brawijaya
Universitas  Airlangga
Universitas  Trisakti
Universitas  Indonesia
Universitas  Gadjah Mada
Universitas  Airlangga
Universitas  Hasanuddin
Universitas Parahyangan
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Universitas  Indonesia
Universitas  Indonesia
UNS Surakarta
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