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gw bikin foto gallery deh…

Simple Picture Gallery ManagerSemalem gw bikin sub domain gallery.redblogger.net, yang maksudnya buat nampung foto-foto gw sendiri atau foto-fpt orang atao foto-foto yang gw sukain.

Untuk ngebikin galeri foto itu gw pake SPGM (Simple Picture Gallery Manager) yang gw download dari http://spgm.sourceforge.net trus untuk admiistrasi fotonya gw ambil dari http://www.bluepalmtrees.com/spgm/

Scriptnya sederhana dan buat orang awam seperti gw bisa dengan mudah cara pengoperasiannya kita cuman butuh php yang udah d dukung oleh library untuk manipulasi gambar-gambarnya biar otomatis gambar yang kita upload generate jadi tumbnail
Penjelasan tentang SPGM gw kitip aja achh :d pusing kalo di terjemahin

SPGM is a PHP script that displays picture galleries on the web. It is intended to provide a very simple way to set up online photo albums: creating directories, filling them with pictures and uploading to your website… That is what it’s all about !

It is massively configurable though, and you can tune the layout just as much as you want to match your exact website’s design. Several cool features are also included, while keeping in mind that the program aims to be as lightweight, simple and portable as possible. Don’t expect automatic thumbnail generation, advanced search functions, nor per-gallery full statistics then.

SPGM generates XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant code and makes extensive use of CSS stylesheets to render galleries. It only requires PHP version 4 or higher and does not rely on image manipulation libraries (like GD), or any database system whatsoever.

A few features:

  • gallery/picture captioning
  • unlimited sub-galleries
  • per gallery complete configuration (inheritance supported)
  • several sort options for both pictures and galleries
  • random/fixed thumbnails used for gallery previews
  • new pictures highlighting
  • hidden galleries
  • EXIF support
  • slideshow mode
  • easy integration into websites
  • multi-language support (30 languages are currently provided)
  • flavors (themes) available for use

SPGM is free for use (distributed under the GPL license), very easy to set up and manage… It makes you just a few clicks away from getting your photo album on the web.

Trus untuk Webadministrationnya gw kutip juga dari situsnya
SPGM Webministration is a script to be used with SPGM online photo gallery. SPGM lets you share your favorite pictures with the world, SPGM Webministration helps get them there. SPGM Webministration was built to enhance SPGM, so all you need to do is change one setting* at the top of the page and it is ready to use. Please take a look at our list of features and try out our online demo.
* Other settings may need changed, all settings are originally set to SPGM defaults. If the SPGM default settings have been altered, other settings may need adjusted.

> Requirements

SPGM Webministration requires a webserver with PHP with GD2 support and the SPGM Photo Gallery (found at Sourceforge.net). Any directories that will be used by SPGM Webministration need write permissions enabled to create the thumbnails and description files if they do no exist as well as upload pictures. To do this, give the base directory (gal) and any subdirectories read and write permissions (chmod 666) or try help in your ftp client on how to change permissions. Please be advised, some of the SPGM Webministration add-on modules may have other requirements.

> Features

Here is a list of all the features SPGM Webministration provides:

  • Create, delete, and rename directories.
  • Upload, delete, and rename pictures.
  • Auto thumbnail generation for any picture found without one.
  • Directory and picture descriptions can be added, edited, or removed.
  • Allows resizing of images constrained to original dimensions.
  • Supports a recursive directory structure.
  • Supports JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats.
  • Supports dynamically loadable scripts for additional features.
  • Supports cropping and rotating images.
  • Supports multiple language packs.

All pages are generated as XHTML 1.0 Strict W3C compliant supporting both IE6 and Firefox browsers.

Note: When manipulating images (rotating and cropping specifically), your web browser may cache the images locally so they may look unchanged or scewed, however, they have been correctly altered. Beware, refreshing the page may cause the previous action to be repeated with undesireable affects. (A work around is hit the “Reload” link at the top of the page then refresh the browser)

> Requests for New Features

This script is designed to make your gallery needs easier. Most of the new features and fixes are the result of a request. If there is a clever feature you want added, send a request, if we think it is worthy, we will add it. Just go to the support area and send it to us.

> Installation

Download and extract the zip archive, edit the index.php file to specify your settings, upload to your webserver, and enjoy!

The following is a list of the settings:

  • “webroot” – This is the relative path from SPGM Webministration to the base gallery for SPGM. Must end with a “/” and may use the .. directory up notation.
  • “BASE_DIR” – This is the absolute path to the gallery on the host filesystem. For example: “C:/wwwroot/photos/gal/” or “/var/html/wwwroot/photos/gal/”
  • “MAX_THUMB_WIDTH” and “MAX_THUMB_HEIGHT” – These define the maximum size for thumbnails created.
  • “MAX_IMAGE_WIDTH” and “MAX_IMAGE_HEIGHT” – These define the max size to display images when cropping.
  • “GAL_FILE” and “PIC_FILE” – These are the names of the descriptions files that SPGM uses. They are set to use the SPGM default values.
  • “THUMB_PREFIX” – This is the prefix for your thumbnails, must be the same as the SPGM setting. Set to use the SPGM default value.
  • “COLUMNS” – This is how many pictures to display per row on the administrative pages.
  • “JPG_QUALITY” – This is the quality used when resizing a JPG image. Values are 1-100. Higher numbers mean better quality and larger file sizes.
  • “LANG” – The language to use, defaults to English (en). If set to a pack that does not exist, English will override.
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