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Google Sitemap Generator 3 Beta for WordPress

Note that this is still a beta version. If you encounter any bugs, problems, missing translations, typos etc please report them on Trac at wp-plugins.org. A list of already reported bugs can be found on this report.

Here is a short list what has changed since the last release:


  • Added different priority calculation modes and introduced an API to create custom ones
    Some people didn?t like the way to calculate the post priority based on the count of user comments. This will give you the possibility to develop custom priority providers which fit your needs.
  • Added support to use the Popularity Contest plugin by Alex King to calculate post priority
    If you are already using the Popularity Contest plugin, this will be the best way to determine the priority of the posts. Uses to new priority API noted above.
  • Added option to exclude password protected posts
    This was one of the most requested features.
  • Posts and pages marked for publish with a date in the future won?t be included
  • Added function to start sitemap creation via GET and a secret key
    If you are using external software which directly writes into the database without using the WordPress API, you can rebuild the sitemap with a simple HTTP Request. This can be made with a cron job for example.
  • Improved compatibility with other plugins
    There should no longer be problems with other plugins now which checked for existence of a specified function to determine if you are in the control panel or not.
  • Recoded plugin architecture which is now fully OOP
    The code is now cleaner and better to understand which makes it easier to modify. This should also avoid namespace problems.
  • Improved speed and optimized settings handling
    Settings and pages are only loaded if the siemap generation process starts and not every time a page loads. This saves one MySQL Query on every request.
  • Added Button to restore default configuration
    Messed up the config? You?ll need just one click to restore all settings.
  • Added log file to check everything is running
    In the new log window you can see when your sitemap was rebuilt or if there was any error.
  • Improved user-interface
  • Added several links to homepage and support
    This includes the Notify List about new releases and the WordPress support forum.

Update 1 (2006-01-14 ):

  • Fixed several bugs reported by users

Download Icon WordPress 1.5x compatible
Download Icon WordPress 2.0x compatible

If you have a previously installed version of this plugin running, simply overwrite the existing file.

If this is a new installation, please follow the introductions on this post.

taken from : http://www.arnebrachhold.de/

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